•        Mawney House 

Our facilities generally accommodate up to four young people. Our primary aim is to provide a ‘warm and homely environment’ that our young people will feel safe and independent while still knowing support is on hand should they need it.

Our service is uniquely tailored to the high needs of looked after children who are ready for the next stage in life. Our homes are designed to feel very much like an HMO or bedsit to help the young people get used to this style of accommodation which is typical for most people in London under the age of 18.

Staff provide weekly training on cooking/healthy eating, cleaning/housekeeping, budgeting/finance, access to resources and benefits, employment/training and a raft of other tailored life skills subjects to help ensure that our young people are progressing on an upward curve throughout their time with Luna-C One Care & Support.

 With a high standard of care which maintains the utmost dignity and worth of each individual. At least one member of staff will be on site 24 hours a day and the staff office will be located on the ground floor, enabling them to attend to paperwork duties but still remain close to the young people.