Our Semi-Independent Living service is run by highly qualified professionals with years of experience of working with young people, committed to meeting the needs of young people placed in our homes.

Staff teams are supported by experienced managers, supervision and ongoing training and development programmes.

Given the important role that our employees play in young people’s lives, our recruitment process includes thorough background checks (including enhanced DBS) and a specifically designed interview process.

We provide staff with a comprehensive training programme which enables them to work effectively with the young people placed with us. The programme covers topics such as responding to self-harm issues, conflict management and de-escalation, bullying awareness and safeguarding as well as first aid, communication skills and equality and diversity.


Whenever there are any young people in the home, there is a minimum of one staff on duty during the day and a minimum of one sleeping staff on duty by night. In exceptional circumstances due to the needs of a young person there may be a waking night staff, but only if a full risk assessment has been carried out and has been agreed with management and the placing authority at the earliest opportunity.

The staff numbers in the home will reflect the number of young people in the home and the needs of the young people.

It is Luna-C One’s policy not to use agency workers in the services provided. Luna-C One has a pool of bank staff to cover holiday and sickness. This allows for continuity of standard of care provided as all bank staff receive the same training as full/part time staff.

The home is led by a team leader and the home manager and operates a core three-shift pattern, with a senior team member available on call at any time.


At Luna-C One we have a training strategy to ensure that we have a suitably skilled and trained workforce. The policy covers:

1.      Essential, core and foundation training;
2.      Specialist and advanced training.

At Luna-C One Care we also have a matrix setting out the courses that each member of staff has completed and the frequency that courses will be repeated. Luna-C One Care & Support will set out the percentage of their staff that has a recognised health, social care and housing qualification.

As a minimum all staff have attended recognised and approved;

1.      Child protection/safeguarding training;
2.      Substance and alcohol misuse training;
3.      Managing risk training;
4.     Child and adolescent development training related to preparation for independence and the transition to adulthood (leaving care). Depending on the level of need of the young people placed within a particular Luna-C One Care & Support unit, staff have specialist and advanced skills.

Luna-C One staff train in the following:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Autism Awareness
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness
  • Gangs, knife crime and county lines awareness
  • Anti-bullying
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Preventing Radicalisation Awareness
  • Missing/Runaways Protocols
  • First Aid Awareness 
  • Fire Safety awareness
  • Safeguarding
  • Health & Safety 
  • Medication management
  • Food Hygiene